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The Casio DR-270. TM Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator features a large display and 2-color printing. Its sleek, streamlined black case has black, red and gray keys. Fast printing at 4.8 lines per second. Includes metal arm to hold paper. Cost/sell/margin keys for easy problem solving. Just enter 2 variables and the third appears and prints. Tax keys for automatic tax functions. 4-key memory holds 4 numbers. Clock & Calendar function displays and prints the current time or date. AC powered. Adapter is included. Casio(R) DR-270. TM Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator is one of many Printing Calculators available through Office Depot. Made by Casio.

Casio Desktop Printing Calculator

  • This heavy duty calculator prints 4.
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Casio Desktop Printing Calculator

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Casio(R) DR-270TM Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator- Casio - at Office Depot
Office Depot
Casio Dr270tm Dr-270tm Two-Color Desktop Calculator, 12-Digit Digitron, Black/Red- CASIO - at
$94.59 Sale Price
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Casio Dr270tm Desktop Calculator 12-Digit Digitron Two-Color Printing - Black/Red- Casio - at Unbeatable Sale
Unbeatable Sale

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