Pet Yard Odor Eliminator by Top Paw

You can enjoy your lawn, patio and other outdoor areas withoutoffensive pet smells when you treat your yard with this odoreliminator. Designed for use with your hose, the concentratedformula is easy to apply to your landscape to reduce the scent ofyour pets stool and urine. Made exclusively for Pet. Smart. When youstep into your yard, you want to smell fresh-cut grass or autumnleaves not the odors that your pet leaves behind. Reclaim youroutdoor space by treating your lawn with this Top Paw Yard Odor. Eliminator. This concentrated formula effectively reduces yourpets stool and urine odors for a fresher yard. The convenientdesign affords quick and easy application with the help of a gardenhose. Helps reduce stool and urine odors on grass, patios and otheroutdoor surfaces Convenient design works with your garden hose for easyapplication and effective results (hose not included) Shake well before using Connect the sprayer to the garden hose and turn on the water;do not use without the sprayer attached Point the nozzle in the direction you wish to spray and switchthe plastic knob on Evenly spray Yard Odor Eliminator over the designated area Switch the knob off to stop spraying; turn off the water anddisconnect the hose from the sprayer Let the treated surface dry before use Top Paw Yard Odor Eliminator is safe and will not stain mostsurfaces; however, it is recommended to test the spray on a small, inconspicuous area. Caution: Do not use directly on pets. Do not spray aroundfishponds or anywhere run-off or puddles will occur. Size: Small.

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Top Paw Pet Yard Odor Eliminator

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