Opposite Day is Jan 25th, 2013

Is There Really an Opposite Day?

Did you ever take part in Opposite Day as a kid?  I remember back in elementary school we actually used to have a day during school spirit week called “Opposite Day”.  This was the one day out of the year where we could bend the school dress code.  The point of the day was to wear your clothes opposite of how you normally would.  For example, you would wear your shirt backwards, your right shoe on your left foot, and so on.  Needless to say, Opposite Day typically resulted in an unproductive day at school.

In keeping with our trend of pointing out very obscure holidays/celebrations, we’ve done some digging and discovered that there actually is a day each year devoted to doing things in a back-to-front manner.  Although there is very little information about how Opposite Day came to be, we do know that it occurs every year on January 25th.  So, get ready folks – this Friday is Opposite Day!

How does one celebrate this crazy day?  It’s easy, set your mind to opposite mode.  If you say go right, you mean go left.  If you say look up, it means look down.  Opposite Day is much more fun when celebrated with family and friends, so be sure to get them all involved in the madness.  It’s sure to be one confusing, yet hilarious day!

Opposite Fun For You and Your Kids

Here are some great child-focused ways to celebrate Opposite Day.

Ingenio Bilingual Opposites Flash Cards by Smart Play

Opposite Day is a great chance to teach your kids about opposites!  These bilingual flash cards offer a fun and educational way for your child to learn opposites in both English and Spanish.  The magic motion lenticular cards flip from one opposite term to the other as your child tilts the product.


Learn More


Baby Talk: Opposites Board Book

The Baby Talk Opposites Book will introduce your child to the wonderful world of opposites with simple, fun, and playful illustrations.  This board book is perfect for small hands.


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