Countdown to Christmas

History of Advent

When you hear the word Advent, what comes to mind?  Christmas countdowns…Advent calendars…the color purple?  While all of these things are typically associated with the season, for many Christians, Advent has a much deeper meaning.  In most Western Christian churches, Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before December 25.  The season serves as a time to look forward to the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus and to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.  Additionally, Advent marks the beginning of a new liturgical year for Western churches.

Let the Countdown Begin

This year, Advent started on Sunday, December 2nd.  And, for many families across the country, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun!  During this time of year, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the shopping, decorating, and gift-giving, and forget about the true meaning of the season. This holiday season, take some time to relax with your families and give thanks for what you have.

Want to teach your kids about the Advent season? Advent calendars are a great way to celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas.  There are a variety of different Advent calendars, some are strictly religious based, whereas others have no religious content.  Some Advent calendars even contain small gifts (like toys or chocolate).  Offered below are a few of our favorite examples of Advent calendars.

Noah’s Ark Advent Calendar

This charming, interactive calendar celebrates the Advent season with animals from Noah’s ark.  Starting December 1st, open one numbered door each day to reveal a new animal.  By the time Christmas arrives, all 24 animals will be assembled on the deck, two by two.  Set includes Noah; one pair each of sheep, elephant, giraffe, cow, rooster, monkey, zebra, pig, lion, tiger, goose, and chicken, plus a pair of doves for the roof.





 Kurt Adler Wood Nativity Advent Calendar

Tell the original Christmas story over the course of 24 days with this elaborate, nativity Advent calendar.  Kids will enjoy the surprises that await them!  Open one door each day to reveal something that was present at the manger.





LEGO City Advent Calendar

The LEGO City Advent calendar is a unique and fun way to celebrate the Christmas countdown.  Open a door each day, December 1–24, to reveal the tools that Santa needs to get his sleigh (which is stuck in the forest snow) moving in time to deliver all the toys for Christmas!




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