How to Download Games on Amazon

Sure, everything seems to be moving to “the cloud” these days. Games and software are not exceptions. Facebook apps, Twitter hashtags, and Gmail are just a few cloud-based applications that consumers access each day.

As many things move to the cloud, still others require us to download them to our devices. Apps, games, and some software packages need to be downloaded from somewhere. Why not download them from Amazon? You already buy everything else from Amazon!

In this post, we’ll focus specifically on the topic: how to … Continue Reading

How to Get Free Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins are becoming more popular each day. If you own a Kindle or Android device and you purchase apps, you may find Coins useful. (For an in-depth answer to the question “What are Amazon Coins?” click here.)

Many people want to learn how to get free Amazon Coins. We’d be lying if we said that there is one place to look to get free Coins. However, there are a few things you can do to search for free … Continue Reading

How to Get Amazon Coins

We recently answered the question, “What are Amazon Coins?”, which of course led to the next topic: How to get Amazon Coins.

In this post, we’ll offer a few options for getting your (virtual) hands on Amazon Coins.
How Do I Get Amazon Coins? What Are My Options?
Option 1: Buy Amazon Coins
As we recently discussed, buying Amazon Coins is quick and easy. Here’s an overview of how it works:

1. Log in – Log into your … Continue Reading

What are Amazon Coins?

What are Amazon Coins?

Good question. If you’re trying to save money on Amazon, the answer might interest you. But before you can save your first “coin,” it’s important to know the basics about this unique virtual currency offered by Amazon.

amazon coinsIn this post, we’ll answer this question and help you decide if Amazon Coins are right for you.
Amazon Coins: An Overview
Amazon’s Help & Customer Service page does a great job of defining the Coins product line:
“Amazon Coins is a virtual currency you can use to … Continue Reading

Melissa and Doug Wooden Trains and Train Sets

As any parent knows, there’s not a shortage of Melissa and Doug toys, play food items, or puzzles. Virtually every store carries a wide variety to choose from.

When it comes to toy trains, Melissa and Doug delivers once again. This article offers a comprehensive review of the most popular Melissa and Doug trains and train sets.
Melissa & Doug Stacking Train

This solid wood stacking train from Melissa and Doug is perfect for kids between two and five years old. The train is … Continue Reading

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