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Mother’s Day Gift Shopping (On A Budget)

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. How will you celebrate?

My family has always made it a point to get together and celebrate these special occasions. Since Mother’s Day falls in May (when the weather is perfect for a cookout), we typically do just that. Along with a home-cooked meal, my brothers and I each give our mom a small gift. Now, my mom isn’t the type of person who would expect a gift on Mother’s Day. In fact, just getting to spend the day with her entire family is enough of a gift in her mind. But, it’s our way of saying thanks to a mom who gives so much of herself and expects little in return.

So, what makes a good gift? When I’m shopping for a gift, I typically ask myself three questions.

1) Is it practical?

2) Is it personal?

3) Is it within budget?

If it doesn’t meet this criteria, I don’t buy it. I also try and start my shopping early. That way I don’t have to settle for a last-minute, budget-breaking gift.

Searching for a great Mother’s Day gift idea? Check out our guide below for several thoughtful (and budget-friendly) ideas.

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How to Download Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is pretty awesome.

Why? There are many reasons, but one
notable perk of Amazon Prime Music involves accessibility. Unlike Pandora or other web-based streaming services, Prime allows users to also download audio files onto their devices. This allows customers to access the music they love – even when no Internet connection is available.

Offline access to Prime Music can be particularly useful in certain situations, such as:

  • Poor Internet connection
  • Power outages
  • Road trips
  • Air travel
  • …or when you’re just trying to limit your data usage!

Interested in learning how to download Amazon Prime Music? Let’s take a closer look.

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Amazon Prime Music: How it Works

One of the big Amazon Prime membership benefits 
is most certainly the “Prime Music” library.

If you’re new to Amazon Prime, the music library is similar to iTunes or Pandora. However, unlike iTunes and Pandora, you gain unlimited, commercial-free access to thousands of songs for free (with a paid Prime account, of course).

In this post, we’ll explore how Amazon Prime Music works and how it stacks up versus other services.

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What is AmazonSupply.com?

What is AmazonSupply.com?

Good question. As the name implies, AmazonSupply.com offers a variety of supplies that are useful to both businesses and consumers.

But how is this any different from purchasing on Amazon.com? As serious Amazon shoppers know, you can get almost anything on the main Amazon site (including business products). In what situations would you need to use AmazonSupply.com?

Let’s take a closer look.

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